"What is it we do?" you ask. Our primary function is to manage the PR press fleets for our clients throughout our organization.  We also perform soup to nuts logistics for events such as long leads, short leads, ride and drives/focus groups with competitive products for internal evaluation.  Our indoor storage facilities are totally secure and range in size from 6,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet.  Each location is equipped with burglar alarm and sprinkler system. We rub-out and wax vehicles on an as needed basis.  We have done as many as 30 vehicles for a single event.

SARIZER is aware of the importance of a quality press fleet for an edge over the competition A positive review by impartial experts provides an important "third-party endorsement" of your vehicle - and improved sales.  In today's highly aggressive marketplace, catering to the automotive press can be the "first line of attack" on your competition.  A great advertisement gets the consumer interested in your products, but a great story in The New York Times could sell thousands of cars.

Our experience, and approach to service make us the most qualified company to meet your press fleet service needs.

Perhaps the most important reason for choosing SARIZER is our approach to service.  We enjoy and take satisfaction in our personal, individual involvement in the quality of the cars we handle, loans we arrange, and our relationship with the motor press community.  We want to provide the best possible service to car companies who recognize the need for it and value its delivery.

For these reasons, Porsche chose SARIZER to provide special attention to detail in the preparation, delivery, and storage of their national press fleet vehicles.  We also make available weekly car schedule reports with new loans identified separately.

Thank you for considering SARIZER organization in your press fleet plans.Gary B's Fusion